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MAY 22th, 2019

MAY 22
CLUBS! Fundraise with this movie! 


Here’s how it works:

A) Fill out the form below and pay for your Fundraising License Fee. 

B) You will receive an electronic marketing kit to promote your screening. The kit will include a customized movie poster that you can print or share on social media, an official movie trailer and a ticket template. Be sure to provide us with the DATE/TIME/LOCATION for your event.

C) PROMOTE & SELL as many tickets to the event as possible. The suggested price for tickets is $10. Encourage kids to sell tickets to church members, neighbors, family and friends. Motivational prizes are available if you want to give prizes to the kids that sell the most tickets. When movie night arrives, if you have sold 200 tickets you have made $2000 dollars and your club/school keeps every cent of it! Selling tickets is not a requirement. You can just invite people to watch the film for free. However we STRONGLY encourage to you use this new resource to financially support your little ones.

D) Stretch your opportunities: In addition to selling tickets we strongly suggest you sell food at the event as well. Drinks and popcorn are a great but you can be more creative and offer desserts, pizza or even make it a "dinner and movie night" in order to increase your income. Make the most of your event!

E) Before your event you will receive a DVD or Blu-ray copy of the film. This copy must be returned after the showing.


F) ENJOY! We pray your event will be a huge success and that the story will also be a blessing to everyone who attends.

Fundraising License Fee: $299  

Pay Your Fee Here