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Do evangelism in your local theater! 

Looking for a fresh, new way to do evangelism? It doesn’t matter if you’re a pastor, church member or club director, we want to help you do creative outreach in your community!

If you utilize the movie for community evangelism we will waive the Licensing Fee!


How it works:

A) Fill out this form. Prepare to become the Host for your showing!

B) The Theatrical License is an exclusive license to screen the movie in a non-religious venue for evangelism (theater, cinema, auditorium, etc.)   You can find a venue yourself or we can book it for you but it MUST be a place that people from your local community (not your church members) would feel comfortable attending. License Fee will be waived ONLY if the screening takes place in a non-church type venue. The most effective place would be your local movie theater. If you want to license the movie to just show at your church or school, please
click here.

C) As Host you will receive a Marketing Kit so you and your group can promote the screening. The kit will include customized movie posters you can print or share on social media, plus an official movie trailer with details of your showing.

D) Before your event we will coordinate with the venue to send them a DVD, Blu-ray or DCP for the screening. You will have up to 15 days prior the event date to confirm the venue and connect us with them so we can provide the film.

E) THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP is to invite your friends, families, neighbors and co-workers to go see the movie! The most effective form of evangelism is by inviting people you already know but haven’t committed to following Jesus. A free downloadable Study Guide will be available to use in a small group setting after watching the movie with your guests. We also encourage all Hosts to organize a team to engage attendees that may have come unaccompanied so you can connect with them after the movie as well. 


F) If your group would like to hand out gifts after your screening to kids that attend, a few movie-related gifts are available in our store.

License Fee: $299 / Free (Waived if following step B)